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The Power of Infographics

There are infographics and then there are infographics; so rich with data, and visual interest that they quickly cross over an invisible line and become beautiful works of art. Infographic fans will surely delight in The Best American Infographics 2014 … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Social Media’s Highlights 2012

I love the quiet moments of reflecting on the development of social media and for that matter, the whole Internet. The birds-eye-view of history in the making.

My new article, 4 Social Media Highlights of 2012 is on GigCoin’s blog, where I invite you to read a few of the things that most stood out. Continue reading

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Infographics as Marketing Strategy: 12 Take-Away Points for Businesses

Infographics are big. They’re cropping up all over the mediasphere and for good reason. Pictures grab attention. In many cases they get the message across far better than words. How do they do it? Continue reading

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