Samples of My Work

Below you will find examples of my business writing featured on Write Non-Fiction Now, Social Media ExaminerSocial Lens Research, WebDesigner Depot, and numerous other blogs. These represent different subject matters and types of writing.

Links to my published personal essays are also included.  I’ve been writing for a number of years and it’s tremendously gratifying to have them accepted to literary journals where more people, other than my dedicated family and friends (whom I’m forever grateful to), can read!

If you don’t see a sample relevant to your own project request, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss your writing and copyediting needs.

Blog Posts

How Writers Use Curiosity, Creativity, and Craft to Write Good Nonfiction 

4 Tips for Staying on Track with Your Writing

Why Writers Write Even When It Feels Hard

How To Become a Freelance Blogger on a Low Budget

LiveStrong: The Golden Ticket

How to Improve Your Writing with Close Reads of Nonfiction Books

How to Find Story Ideas in Images, Phone Numbers, and Journal Entries

The Power of Setting Writing Intentions

What’s at the Root of Your Writing Impasse?

How Writers Write: Lessons Learned from Monica Hesse

A Field Guide to Writing a Nonfiction Book (with a  Lot of Help from Austin Kleon)

How to Design a Social Media Campaign

7 Mobile Social Marketing Tips to Connect With Mobile Users

Published Personal Essays


The Loyal Order

Who Among Us

All that Matters

The 26 Social Media Tip Series:

26 Creative Ways Brands Use Facebook Status Updates

26 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

26 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

26 Tips for Overcoming Bloggers Block

26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

26 Ways for Creating Engaging Content

26 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business and Networking

26 Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing

26 Ways to Market Your Business with Tumblr

26 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community

26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities

26 Tips for Success with Location-Based Marketing

26 Elements of a Gamification Marketing Strategy

26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

26 Tips for Using Images to Engage Fans and Followers

26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn

26 Tips for Enhancing Your Facebook Page

26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets

26 Ways to Engage With Customers Using Video

26 Ways to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content

More posts from the archives:

The Art of the Facebook Page Design

What Others Are Saying about Debbie Hemley’s Blog Posts

Named one of the Top 30 Social media bloggers all over the world, by SocialAppsHQ! April, 2012

Technorati Review of Hamlet’s Blackberry

The 12 reasons to invest in SMS advertising

Mobile advertising and marketing hot news: video, SMS and India

12 Reasons for Businesses to Consider Mobile Advertising by Debbie Hemley


Survivors Review


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