Social Media Marketing: An A-Z Guide

I have a new article published today on Social Media Examiner (SME), 26 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media Marketing, an A-Z Guide. You can read the full post on SME.

I started the 26 Tips Series on SME back in October of 2010, as a curated content post where I incorporate materials from many writers in the field. While researching and writing, there’s always a great amount of discovery and surprises along the way.

I for one, learn a lot while working on the articles, which in my opinion, is one of the added benefits of writing!

If you’re new here and visiting my blog as a result of seeing the article on Social Media Examiner, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

social media examiner 26 tips

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2 Responses to Social Media Marketing: An A-Z Guide

  1. Excellent article for SME. That’s why I’m here. Thank you for the insight.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for reaching out! Glad the article was of interest to you.

      And, very interesting too, to see the work that you’re doing. With a freshman in college now, I so appreciate the kinds of services you provide. We had an excellent person in our area who helped along the way and it makes a huge difference for a kid and their family to have someone who can help them navigate through the process!

      All best,

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