Putting Tumblr on the Radar

I created a site on Tumblr in August 2010, posted a couple of things, and didn’t return again until June 2011. To be honest, I hadn’t given Tumblr much thought again up until this week when I spent time researching the network for an article I was working on for GigCoin.

I was completely enamored with what I discovered about Tumblr. Yes, yes, it’s had tremendous growth this past year and everyone loves a winner. But that wasn’t what did it for me. The functionality, ease of use and creative ways businesses are using it for expression was what really pulled me in.

Tumblr hadn’t been on my radar and now I can see all kinds of good uses and one client in particular who I think it will be perfect for. And, for me (for today anyway),  I think I’m going to spend some more time there!

You can read the article on GigCoin’s blog.



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