Writing, Writing, Writing

I hate getting behind in updating my blog.  I really do. But the good news is that I have had a number of posts on other sites in the interim and several posts which are still waiting to be published.

The ones which have gone live in the past few weeks include posts on WebDesigner Depot, GigCoin and Technorati. One of the things I love about writing these posts is doing the research and learning about a particular topic, and of course, I love the writing.

In several posts on GigCoin, I put out requests for information on HARO and had the opportunity to hear from 40+ business people who have run Facebook contests, created Facebook ad campaigns and use Facebook pages for their businesses. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the research for these posts and from the contributors.

My post on WebDesigner Depot on The Art of Facebook Page Design was very enjoyable to do. It was a round-up of the 50 brand Facebook pages with the most fans and a look at how they’ve created the artwork for their pages. Very eye-opening!

And, I had the opportunity to read Phil Simon’s new book, The New Small, and wrote a review of the book which was published on Technorati. The New Small is a refreshing take on technology and small business, and portrays how passionate people can be about their work when technology truly supports their efforts.

There are several posts already submitted, which will be published in the next couple of weeks and more posts in process. I’ll keep you posted on the new titles.

What are you working on?


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