Why you tweet, what you tweet

In a recent post, 26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets, I published on Social Media Examiner, I wrote, “Almost anyone these days can throw together 140 characters and call it a tweet. But to use Twitter for maximum business impact there are many tried and true content sources ready to be used.published a post on how to use good content for your tweets, everything from A to Z.”

I use Twitter in a variety of ways everyday both for myself and on behalf of clients. I post original 140 character tweets and do a fair amount of re-tweeting, too. When I tweet, I generally look for facts, links and keywords which I think will be of interest.

Here are three recent tweets and why I posted them:

1. In the first example, I came across a study about how shoppers are expected to be relying on mobile phones more this year.  Interesting.

Study: Shoppers to rely more on mobile phones this year http://sbne.ws/r/651A

2. This next tweet is about Vaseline and how they reached out to bloggers who had been already been writing about dry skin and asked them to write for them. A friend forwarded it to me—knowing I’d be interested in seeing how some companies are actively monitoring and reading keywords of relevance to their products and services. I decided to share it further.

Goes to show, some companies are listening. Vaseline’s Ad Campaign Against Dry Skin – http://nyti.ms/cyDL10

3. And in third example, the keywords “infographics”, “marketers” and “social media” were germane in my decision to post this tweet. These are three words which come up frequently in my blog posts and social networking updates.

Excellent Infographic from @flowtown–How Marketers are Utilizing Social Media in 2010. http://fb.me/NIB59Fcn

Check out the post on Social Media Examiner for 26 Twitter content ideas.

What are some examples of why you tweet, what you tweet? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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