Who’s Doing Social Marketing Well? A Look at Zappos’ Social Networking Profiles

Developing a social media strategy for your business requires messaging about who you are and what you do. When you create social networking profiles across multiple channels, they need to be in sync with one another. Whether you’re on one channel or multiple ones there needs to be consistency. To demonstrate a good example, I’ve chosen Zappos, the online shoe company.
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The keywords and description which Zappos has outlined for their company can be found in the source code of their website. You’ll see these words used again in other places.

Nowadays when a user conducts a search for online shoes, Zappos will come up in the search results with not only their corporate website, but there will be links to social networking profiles, as well.  Here you can see how social networking sites will add to the listings for your company in search results. Here’s what it looks like:

On Twitter, Zappos provides a link back to their website with a message about valuing customer service:

On one of Zappos’ blogs you can see here how they’ve included links to their other sites–which makes it easy to get there from here–which is essential:

Here’s an example of how Zappos adds links to their various urls on their Facebook page. You’ll also see in this example how they’ve included important keywords about their brand within the company overview:

Zappos also has a LinkedIn page and in this example you can see how they’ve also included brand messaging in the company overview:

On Flickr, photos are tagged with keywords e.g. shoes:

Zappos has slides out on slideshare and in this example you can see how they’ve used the consistent company messaging within the content on the slide:

Zappos is a great example of a company who is doing their social media marketing well. The messages are all there, the links take customers to the various sites. There is no doubt in site visitors mind as to what the business sells and what their core values are.


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