Keeping Business Audiences Engaged with Social Media

Article first published as Keeping Business Audiences Engaged with Social Media on Technorati.

In the past several years, we’ve seen businesses adopt social media into their marketing and customer support practices. And naturally, there are still laggards. There always will be. But what about the businesses who have created presences? Now what?

Maybe customers and online visitors heeded your social media call. Maybe you can even say that your analytics are up. Perhaps, the quality of the visits demonstrate more engagement than six months ago. But now the question we must ask ourselves is– if we built our social media presences, will they keep coming?

Maria Ogneva’s post, How to: Better Serve the Social Media Customer takes a look at how each department can “blend traditional social media to drive business goals and collaborate on a seamless customer experience.” Maria demonstrates how businesses need systems and “a flow for easy and consistent information dissemination.”

Content is key as it moves across an organization and as Maria points out businesses need to have many touchpoints with their customers, of which social media is one.

For businesses who have climbed over the social media hump, I think Maria has the right ideas when she suggests: 1) Don’t forget about the corporate website, 2) Remember thought leadership and content creation (blogging, guest-blogging, webinars, whitepapers, e-books, presentations, and videos), 3) Participate in online and offline events, 4) Monitor your social media activity for engagement, 5) Build relationships with partners, resellers, and blogger outreach.

Which customer touchpoints have proven to be most effective for your business?

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