Feeding the Blogger’s Muse

In Dave Clarke’s recent post, “So You Think You Can Blog?”, he says that as “social media marketing proliferates and permeates consumers’ consciousness that entrepreneurs wrestle with the content thing.”

Clark states “some folks can write stuff people want to read, and some can’t.” Which is it for you? Do people want to read what you write? And, is there room for improvement in your writing?

Most writers I know tend to be passionate about writing. They write often, read a lot and even read about writing. There are some excellent how-to books about blogging out there but I don’t think you need to stop there. In fact, I don’t think you should. Blogging is a form of writing and good suggestions about writing can be applicable to the blog post.

There are four writing periodicals which I read on an on-going basis: The Writer, Poets & Writers, Writer’s Digest and The Writer’s Chronicle. Each of the magazines has a slightly different feel and slant. Generally you’ll find a wide selection of articles on craft, revision, inspiration, how-to’s, author interviews, books about writing, promotion, and networking.

The summer is a great time to feed the muse and if yours is like mine, she’ll appreciate the nourishment.

Which periodicals or books will you be reading about writing this summer?

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