LinkedIn Company Profiles: New Look & Feel

This week I have a new post on NCM’s blog about the newly redesigned LinkedIn company profile pages and how car dealerships can use their LinkedIn page to engage potential customers and attract talent to the dealership. While the post focuses on the car dealer industry, the messages can be applied to any industry who want to maximize LinkedIn for their business.

Even though the redesigned pages were rolled out to all companies on October 4th there has not yet been wide adoption by brands. There isn’t much to do to get your page up to speed and as is the case with many changes in social media, best to make the changes before your competitors do.

You can read the complete post on NCM’s blog.

LinkedIn: Recent Lessons Learned

Recently, I set out to learn more about LinkedIn for research I was doing for two upcoming blog posts. LinkedIn had been my most under-utilized social networking presence and it hadn’t exactly wowed me previously. I was mostly on it because others suggested it was a good place for me to be. For the longest time my profile was incomplete and I ignored the percentage read-out on the right-hand side of the page to get it to 100% completion. Eventually one day I sat down and added the missing content and got the page to 100% in very little time. There, I thought.  I did it. Enough of that. But when I embarked on the LinkedIn research I found that LinkedIn has added many new features and it’s a lot more useful than I originally thought.

Sometimes I think we end up learning what we need to learn when we write blog posts. And this was really the case for me with these two recent posts. I also had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s Director of Product Management, in a phone interview who was enormously helpful in showing me the new features of LinkedIn’s company pages.

The first of the two posts 26 Tips for Enhancing Your LinkedIn Experience was published on Social Media Examiner, and the second, How to Use LinkedIn for Your Web Design Business was published on WebDesigner Depot. While the second one speaks specifically to designers, you’ll see that the steps for professionals in any industry are really the same and will only be slightly altered to take into consideration certain factors (e.g. keywords, industry-specific groups, etc.)

Check out the posts to learn more about the in’s and out’s about LinkedIn. Today, I learned about LinkedIn Swarm on LinkedIn’s blog. If you don’t already receive it by email, signing up for new posts will help keep you up-to-date on LinkedIn news.

What do you find most helpful about being on LinkedIn?