Facebook Tips: Hot Topic of the Week

Everywhere I turned this week, people were talking about changes with Facebook Pages. As a result, I wrote a new post for GigCoin, How to: Make your Facebook Updates Seen in a Post-Promoted Page World. Read the full article.

Rana Shahbaz, wrote a great post this week, 10 Tips to Increase the Facebook Business Page Reach from Top Experts. Thank you, Rana, for including my comments in this piece with such a distinguished group of contributors. Read the full article.

A Look at Social Media Marketing from Several Different Perspectives

Every month for the past 4+ years I’ve been writing blog posts about social media. My early posts were about the emergence of the new phenomenon and of course, over the years the networks have multiplied and the needs for strategies have grown.

This past month, I published four new posts on GigCoin’s blog about privacy, social media trends for 2012, content strategy and how to track your social media results.

I had a post on WebDesigner Depot, with web design predictions for 2012 from well-known designers in the field.

I also had two posts on The Content Marketeer, interviews with content marketers, Bill Heggie and Andrew Boer.

It’s been another great year of writing and I look forward to emerging trends and topics in the new year ahead and sharing resources here, on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Reflections on my post, Tips for Designing a Successful Facebook Content Strategy

I’ve been blogging for a number of years now but have to say that the post, “Tips for Designing a Successful Facebook Content Strategy” from a research standpoint, had to be one of the most enjoyable and interesting processes I’ve had as a blogger.

As you’ll read in the full post on GigCoin’s blog, I had started out with an intention of researching third party APIs for auto-posting to your Facebook fan page. But after reading a post by Josh Constine on Inside Facebook, the post took a very different turn.

I felt a little like Woodward & Bernstein (okay, I said “a little”) as they uncovered Watergate. This had an odd feeling of a Facegate kind of conspiracy to it.

Then, I had the great fortune of being in contact with some excellent Facebook experts and receiving their tips, including Mari Smith, social media thought leader and author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. Mari pushed out the post to her “peeps” yesterday and the post is being read even more widely now.

The viral nature of posts is something that intrigues me a lot!

The Blog is Alive and Well

Article first published as The Blog is Alive and Well on Technorati.

If you ask me, the last two lines of “An empire gives way” an article in the June 24th issue of The Economist, about the state of the blogosphere, sounds ominous. The piece cites research from media-research firm, Nielsen, on how traffic to blog-hosting sites, Blogger and WordPress, are stagnating and how by contrast, Facebook’s traffic grew by 66% last year and Twitter’s by 47%.  Okay, I get it–but to be honest– I was alarmed by the article’s projection: “Where will that end? Perhaps in a single, hugely long blog posting about the death of blogs.”

Can Facebook, Twitter and blogs play nicely together? Can they co-exist without one sending the other to their Internet grave? I think so. I think the forms compliment one another and feed off of each other very well.

Blogger, Cory Doctorow, writes, “I still blog 10-15 items a day, just as I’ve done for 10 years now on Boing Boing. But I also tweet and retweet 30-50 times a day. Almost all of that material is stuff that wouldn’t be a good fit for the blog – material I just wouldn’t have published at all before Twitter came along. But a few of those tweets might have been stretched into a blogpost in years gone by, and now they can live as a short thought.”

I share links to material I find valuable on Facebook and use the comment field to make a brief point or to ask a question and initiate a discussion. On Twitter, I often re-tweet when I’m reading an article on a blog or online newspaper. It’s a quick way to say to Twitter followers, here’s something I think you’ll like. But when it comes to covering a topic in more detail, there’s still nothing in my opinion that beats the blog post.

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