Creating Art with the Brushes App

The first time I saw the New Yorker cover by Jorge Colombo that he painted with the tip of his finger by using the brushes app on his iPhone, I was awestruck. Completely. As time has gone on, other artists have followed in Colombo’s finger-prints, as the case may be.

David Hockney, one of my favorite artists, has also created covers for the magazine and a whole host of artists have been sharing their brushes work on Flickr. Some have created their paintings on iPhones and iPod Touches and others have used their iPads. In this recent post I did for WebDesigner Depot, I had the distinct pleasure of selecting works to display in the post. It’s hard to have a favorite, each are magnificent and if you didn’t know they were created on these devices with the use of a $4.99 app, you’d likely think they were painted on canvases with a variety of different media.

Check out the full post on WebDesigner Depot.